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Project Description

Excel By Sax uses the sax parser of the OpenXml SDK to provide a forward only reader for big xlsx file. The reader is provided according to IDbConnection and IDataReader interfaces. Not all the methods are implemented yet.

The project is in a "it feeds my needs" state. I think it will update slowly in time (according to needs or requests). I hope it could be helpfull for someone.

A big file is a file of more of 1000000 cells (100000 rows * 10columns). Tests were made on 350 000 rows * 120 cols : it gives 240 seconds and 28Mo of memory (RAM) to convert the file in csv. For comparison, the Ole driver was : 3000 seconds and 3.5Go.

What this project is not !
  • A complete implementation of xlsx format : formatting is not managed. Just standart date format and string shared table.

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